Levoscoliosis Surgery

Scoliosis is the general term used to describe spinal deformities where the spine is abnormally curved in a lateral (side to side) direction. Levoscoliosis is a more specific type of scoliosis where the spine curves abnormally to the left. While all types of scoliosis should be treated before they worsen, levoscoliosis is particularly dangerous because a left-leaning spine puts the heart at risk. Patients who have been diagnosed with this condition should seek medical attention from an expert spinal surgeon. At ProMed SPINE, our Los Angeles neurosurgeon and levoscoliosis surgery specialists are renowned for their safe and effective treatment of spinal deformities.

Who Should Perform Levoscoliosis Surgery?

Our expert spinal surgeons may recommend levoscoliosis surgery for patients who have a severe curvature or whose condition is worsening in response to non-surgical treatment options. After performing a complete spinal exam on each patient, your doctor will give his recommendation as an expert spine surgeon. Treatment options will depend on each individual patient and the severity of their condition.

Patients needing levoscoliosis should only trust their care and treatment to the best spinal doctor in Los Angeles. Our doctors are board-certified spine surgeons who have years of experience and skill performing minimally invasive spinal surgery in order to give patients the results they desire. Spinal fusion surgery is often performed in order to correct spinal conditions such as scoliosis, however your surgeon will be able to inform you of which procedure is right for you.

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