17 Celebrities Who Didn’t Let Chronic Back Pain Hinder Their Success

Even if you are a celebrity with limitless access and resources to the best medical treatments, certain injuries can knock you down at any moment in life. It might be surprising to find that most actors or athletes go through immense amount of stress due to the highly competitive nature of their career. Ailments like […]

Is Your Office Chair Damaging Your Spine?

More and more Americans spend their work days confined to an office chair, followed by sitting through a long commute home, and lounging in front of the TV for a few extra hours before bed each night. Needless to say, a sedentary life can cause a wide range of health issues, not least of which […]

Dos and Don’ts After Spine Surgery

Considering the enormous role that our spines play in our day-to-day lives, the idea of undergoing any type of surgical procedure on your neck and back can be very intimidating. Fortunately, many conditions that cause pain and complications in the neck or back can be treated with minimally invasive procedures that drastically reduce recovery times […]

5 Remedies for Back Pain that Improve Your Overall Health

If you suffer from chronic lower back pain, you probably try adjusting your posture, especially when sitting for long periods of time, and stretching to release the aching tension, but beyond that, you mainly try to ignore the signals your spine is sending. More and more people suffer from lower back problems every day in […]

What You Need to Know About Spinal Fusion Surgery

The methods used to treat back pain and injuries, and to perform spine surgery when necessary, have come a long way in the last few decades. Minimally invasive spine surgery has now become the standard in treating a host of spine injuries and illnesses that once required traditional open back surgery, which often created a lot of complications […]

Signs You May Be Suffering From a Herniated Disc

The human spine consists of an intricate network of bones (vertebrae) and the sponge-like cushions (discs) between each vertebrae that provide shock absorption, and general support to the spine. Much like any part of the body, the discs in the spine are subject to wear and tear over time. Whether through progressive wear and tear, […]

How Weight Reduction Can Help Back Pain

All cases of back pain are not created equal. Depending on the source, scope, and duration of the pain, back pain sufferers may be presented with a range of options to provide relief; from conservative treatments like rest, to physical therapy or minimally invasive spine surgery. While board-certified spine surgeons have more sophisticated and modern […]

Possible Complications of DISCECTOMY (Part 2 of 2)

For further information on disectomy complications, read Part 1. PARALYSIS Paralysis means inability to move, or weakness. Without a doubt this is the scariest part of any spine operation when you’re thinking about surgery. However, there are a few things to think about. First, the injury to the nerve by the disc itself can cause […]

Possible Complications of DISCECTOMY (Part 1 of 2)

Discectomy, or microdiscectomy, is a procedure during which the surgeon removes a small portion of the disc that is compressing the nerve. This is usually done when there is leg or arm pain that radiates from the spine, caused by compression of the nerve. Even though the nerve is injured at the spine, it feels […]