Seeking Second Opinions

When trying to determine the best treatment option for any medical condition, it is wise to consider obtaining a second opinion. Surgery is a life changing experience and needs special consideration. If you are offered a spinal surgery or intervention for a painful back or neck injury, herniated disc, sciatic pain, or fusion, we strongly recommended that you become as knowledgeable and informed as possible. It is best to seek different opinions and evaluate all the options, some of which may not be surgical.

At ProMedSPINE, our Los Angeles spine surgeons encourage their patients to understand all of their options and are dedicated to providing patients with an individualized treatment plan that they are comfortable with.

Why Seek a Second Opinion?

Los Angeles Back Surgery Expert OpinionsThere are important questions to consider before undergoing spine surgery:

  • Is spine surgery right for my particular pain or injury?
  • Is spine surgery necessary in order to heal?
  • Are there non-surgical treatment options available?
  • Will spine surgery cause more problems?
  • Am I getting too much surgery?
  • Is my back problem a degenerative one that will progress no matter what?
  • How will my body recover from spine surgery?
  • Do I understand the risks of spine surgery?

Los Angeles spine surgery specialist Dr. Gravori and his team believe that complex surgical procedures should only be performed as a last option. The right surgery, when performed correctly and for the right reasons, can restore the quality of life that each patient deserves. At ProMedSPINE, our doctors thoroughly listen to and examine each patient to determine the best treatment for their pain or injury. It is important that patients receive an accurate treatment recommendation based on their specific problem.

 What Should You Communicate to Your Doctor?

Patients should find a doctor who they can openly and honestly communicate with about their back or spine injury in Los Angeles. A good doctor is one who will listen to the patient’s needs and develop the best treatment plan based on those needs. Our renowned neurosurgeons believe that doctors should spend an adequate amount of time consulting with each patient in order to get a comprehensive idea of the patient’s problems and how to best solve them.

During the initial consultation, we recommends that patients discuss the following topics with their doctors:

  • Where you are experiencing pain
  • What, if anything, makes the pain feel better and what makes it worse
  • How often you experience the pain

Providing doctors with as much information as possible will allow them to make the best decisions possible when it comes to your treatment plan. When you communicate your problems to more than one doctor, you increase the likelihood that you will get the most appropriate treatment for your condition. Back surgery is not always the best treatment for everyone and it is important that patients understand that there might be other options available.

Watch a Patient Discuss Getting a Second Opinion from Dr. Gravori

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