Patient Reviews

Samuel C.

Listens and actual cares about my well-being.

— Sep 09, 2017 —

Lucio R.

Dr. Gravori and the staff have been amazing. Highly recommend them.

— Sep 08, 2017 —

Philip L.

Great pride in providing great care. I truly appreciate the care you provided to me. Makes me feel like you really care about my well-being and better health. Thank you so much.

— Sep 07, 2017 —

George H.

Absolutely nothing shy of superb! Their treatment of me…amazing! Attentive like you couldn’t imagine…from administration to post-surgical. There is an abundance of neuro-surgeons…not many can hold a candle to Dr. Todd Gravori! I chose wisely.

— Aug 03, 2017 —

Amber M.

Dr. Gravori is the best. He is very professional and he took care of all my needs and concerns.

— Aug 03, 2017 —

Peter B.

It was a pleasant experience.

— Aug 02, 2017 —

Jorge C.

Dr. Gravori is the truth. I was referred to his office due to a herniated disk which was causing me constant jolts of pain. I was having back spasms and stabbing pain constantly throughout the day. When I met him he told me he could help me out. Im in physical therapy recovering now. I can only say that I am beyond grateful to have met him and to those who are hesitant or worried, Dr. Gravori can help and is a man of his word. Thank You

— Jul 26, 2017 —