Patient Experience

Vardan D.

Very good approach on time and responsible I’m very happy with them.

— August 31, 2020 —

Megan M.

Received Neck injections. The experience was extremely professional, good bed side manner and with fairly little discomfort 🙂

— August 25, 2020 —

Lynda A.

Great staff. Made me feel at ease the whole time.

— August 20, 2020 —

Crystal H.

Dr. Gavori and his staff were excellent in customer service and were excellent with the aftercare of my procedure. Thank you all.

–August 6, 2020 —

Magdalena H.

This February I was involved in an automobile accident where I was T- boned on the driver side. The accident was really bad. I couldn’t walk, my body was swollen I couldn’t move my neck at all or raise my arms. Fast forward to today, I cannot thank the staff at ProMedSpine enough – from the staff in the front office to the surgeons and the doctors. I am now able to move my neck and raise my arms and life is painless now. Thanks to ProMedSpine.

— August 5, 2020–

Richard R.

Dr. Gravori, his staff, and medical assistants were very professional, informative, and very nice. Received 2 epidurals caudals during the COVID crisis and it was as pleasant as a needle up your keister could be! As a patient with a 72 yo wife with 3 out of the four risk factors (ie. Diabetes, etc), I take COVID seriously and felt 100% safe during all my visits as well as my two procedures in the surgical centers. I would highly Dr. Peymen Gravori to my friends and family.

— July 13, 2020–

Richard N.

You guys are great!

–June 29, 2020 —

Craig R.

I would highly recommend ProMedSPINE! The Gravori’s and their team have been attentive, caring, and provided excellent medical treatments and service all round. I had previously been to a few surgeons and pain management groups trying to resolve my back and neck injuries, but they were the best by far. Don’t waste your time searching for the best as you’ve already found them!

— June 19, 2020 —

Johnny H.

Was very accommodating and very satisfied with the procedure.

— June 1, 2020 —

Ilvis S.

You do a good job 👍🏻 thank you!

— April 27, 2020–

Lucy B.

Dr. Gravori was an excellent doctor. I felt as though he really listened to my concerns, and created the best plan to alleviate my pain. After seeing Dr. Gravori, I have been able to do the things I love again, such as hiking, yoga, and running. I cannot thank Dr. Gravori enough for his help and would recommend him to anyone seeking treatment for their pain.

–April 14, 2020–

Armando J.

It’s now been 3-1/2 years since Dr. Gravori performed my 4-disc fusion. Now I can give everyone a long term evaluation of what the surgery has done for me. Instead of describing the effects, I will show you in photos what Dr. Gravori has done for me. Dr. Gravori I just wanted to update you and your patients to see your amazing work and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Dr. G.

–March 1, 2020–

Jimmy S.

I visited Dr. Gravori for Low Back pain. He was the THIRD Pain management doctor I saw for this. He stood out immediately because HE asked me questions (not an assistant), and listened!!!!! I felt heard. He actually examined me by bending me backward, forward, etc…He was the first doctor to honestly touch me to see what’s going on. He thoroughly explained where the pain was coming from in non-medical terms so I  understood. I felt he genuinely cared for! He eventually recommended a procedure and I followed his advice. The injection helped tremendously and now I’m PAIN-FREE!!! No more meds and I can now finally sleep through the night. Thank you Dr. Gravori!!!!

–January 16, 2020 —

Francisco D.

Excellent service, very friendly doctor.

— January 15, 2020 —

Brittany R.

I’m very happy with the results of the surgery I had. I was consistently in pain and had no relief when taking pain medication. ProMed Spine staff were nice and friendly to me throughout the whole process.

— December 13, 2019 —

Patrick M.

Dr. Gravori and his team are super good. I was very hesitant to do surgery. Dr. Gravori explained my options. When my back pain persisted I decided to do surgery. Everyone was very professional and I was in and out the same day. I was so very satisfied with the procedure. If I knew what I know now I would have done the surgery sooner. I am so happy with Dr. Gravori. He is the BEST.

— November 21, 2019 —

Craig R.

Excellent service from start to finish. If you are looking for a surgeon who doesn’t over-diagnose and looks at the most effective and less invasive way to resolve your problem, Dr. Gravori is your surgeon. After experiencing two prior surgeons regarding my spine condition, I would highly recommend Dr. Todd Gravori and his team.

— November 11, 2019 —


Diane S.

I would highly recommend Dr. Gravori at ProMed Spine for anybody experiencing neck or back issues requiring his expertise. Dr. Gravori is highly qualified and very informative and makes you feel comfortable with his thorough understanding and explanation of your medical condition.

— October 6, 2019 —

John G.

Extremely satisfied with the care and treatment from everyone at Pro Med Spine. I’ve been able to return to work and exercise pain-free. I plan on returning for laser treatment for my lower back issue soon.

— September 9, 2019 —

Jose M.

Very professional and friendly service. Dr. Todd Gravori was very friendly and very professional.
I had lower back surgery with Dr. T. Gravori and I want to thank him and his crew for helping me through the surgery and recuperation process. Thank you.

— August 29, 2019 —

Robert W.

Dear Dr. Gravori, thank you for your personal care and concern. Your medical care is suberb, but your caring is a special gift.

— January 3, 2019 —


Dr. Gravori,
Thank you so much for such an amazing experience and outcome for something that was so scary and unknown to me! I appreciate your patience and I am extremely happy that I chose to do this procedure with you.

— June 18, 2018 —

Denis D.

Dr. Gravori is extremely professional and I could tell his genuine interest was in my well-being. The staff is very courteous and professional as well.

— February 6, 2018 —

Ana A.

Dr. Gravori is very professional as well as the staff in the office. I recommend them.

— January 20, 2018 —

Priscilla N.

Dear Dr. Gravori and Staff, Just a little note to say thank you. You and your staff were very kind and patient with me. I’m happy my surgery went well. With love and kindness. P.S. Dr. Gravori, you are an extraordinary surgeon.

— January 2, 2018 —

Clara G.

This doctor has saved me from a life time of pain. He made the procedure very simple and easy. I had suffered back pains for 20 years that radiated to my right leg. Before this, I had seen two other doctors but I couldn’t follow through with any of them. I had found him through the radio. Great decision. Would highly recommend Dr. Gravori to anyone with any types of pains.

— December 17, 2017 —

Edward S.

I had a perfect visit (all things considered). I came early and left quicker than anticipated. The staff was very accommodating and professional. The Dr. did his best to explain everything in a clear and concise manner.

— December 13, 2017 —

Amador. C.

Dr. Gravori, Many thanks to you and your staff at ProMedSpine, not just for what you did for me and my family, but to all in pain and discomfort that you’ve helped. After a year, I feel great and have been getting stronger. Thinking of you during these times, I can’t thank you enough for your help!

— November 19, 2017 —

Jared S.

It was my first time getting cortisone shots in my lower back and it couldn’t have been easier. All the staff were wonderful. Dr Gravori is very precise and thorough. I would recommend ProMedSpine to my friends and family.

— November 14, 2017 —

Shaun H.

Dr. Gravori actually called his office to say he was running late for my appt. And showed up under 15 minutes from my scheduled time. I told him most places make you wait an hour and they never call or apologize. Amazing.

— October 25, 2017 —

Angelica A.

I have been to this facility twice with Dr Gravori. This experience has been the best I’ve had! All the staff is very respectful and extremely caring! I’ve loved my experience! You are all doing a great job!

— October 24, 2017 —

Lilly V.

I am very satisfied with the care and treatment that I received from Dr. Peyman Gravori. He listened to all of my concerns and gave me the best treatment plan for my condition.

— September 27, 2017 —

Samuel C.

Listens and actual cares about my well-being.

— September 9, 2017 —

Lucio R.

Dr. Gravori and the staff have been amazing. Highly recommend them.

— September 8, 2017 —

Philip L.

Great pride in providing great care. I truly appreciate the care you provided to me. Makes me feel like you really care about my well-being and better health. Thank you so much.

— September 7, 2017 —

Amber M.

Dr. Gravori is the best. He is very professional and he took care of all my needs and concerns.

— August 3, 2017 —

George H.

Absolutely nothing shy of superb! Their treatment of me…amazing! Attentive like you couldn’t imagine…from administration to post-surgical. There is an abundance of neuro-surgeons…not many can hold a candle to Dr. Todd Gravori! I chose wisely.

— August 3, 2017 —

Peter B.

It was a pleasant experience.

— August 2, 2017 —

Jared S.

It was my first time getting cortisone shots in my lower back and it couldn’t have been easier. All the staff were wonderful. Dr Gravori is very precise and thorough. I would recommend ProMedSpine to my friends and family.

— July 26, 2017 —

Jorge C.

Dr. Gravori is the truth. I was referred to his office due to a herniated disk which was causing me constant jolts of pain. I was having back spasms and stabbing pain constantly throughout the day. When I met him he told me he could help me out. Im in physical therapy recovering now. I can only say that I am beyond grateful to have met him and to those who are hesitant or worried, Dr. Gravori can help and is a man of his word. Thank You

— Jul 26, 2017 —