Low Back Pain Surgeon

Lower back pain causes discomfort in the lives of many Americans and is one of the most common medical conditions across the country. What many patients do not realize is that lower back pain is the symptom of another problem and that underlying problem must be identified and treated in order for the painfulness to be truly alleviated. For patients with debilitating and chronic lower back pain in Los Angeles, our prominent spine surgeons have years of experience using the most cutting-edge techniques in order to treat patients.

Best Low Back Pain Surgeon in Los Angeles

Lower back pain can be a symptom of a myriad of underlying conditions and it takes a true spine expert in order to be able to accurately diagnose these patients. Too often, doctors will not perform thorough spine examinations on a patient and will misdiagnose the root cause of their low back symptoms. Many patients undergo unnecessary procedures that do not cure their symptoms because the treatment was not addressing the correct condition.

Our surgeons take pride in dedicating his time and energy to accurately diagnosing each patient and recommending the best treatment to suit their individual needs. Surgery is often used as a last resort when no other pain management treatments are successful. When surgery is needed, the latest laser spine surgery techniques that are minimally invasive and pose less of a surgical risk to the patient are utilized. As the best lower back surgeons in Los Angeles, our team will determine if minimally invasive spine surgery is right for you.

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