Lower Back Pain Causes

Many people experience lower back pain in their lives, especially as they get older; however, many people don’t know the underlying causes. Understanding the causes of these symptoms is a crucial first step in order to receive an accurate diagnosis and correct treatment. At ProMed SPINE in Los Angeles, our skilled neurosurgeons are experts at recognizing the different causes of backaches and utilizing this knowledge to develop customized treatment plans for patients.

What are the Most Common Causes?                           

Symptoms in the lower back can typically be attributed to the structures that make up the spine: bones, joints, muscles, and nerves. Painfulness felt in the back is just a symptom of an underlying problem or condition with one of these four areas. Backaches that stem from the bones could be caused by fractures, osteoporosis, bone tumors, or bone infections. Joint pain occurs when either the discs or facets are subjected to degeneration, fractures, slippage, or infection. Muscle pain is a well-known lower back pain cause and can occur when the muscles are strained and overworked. Finally, compressed nerves can cause painfulness in the lower back and must be treated in order to be alleviated. At ProMed SPINE, our Los Angeles back pain experts are committed to carefully examining each patient in order to determine the exact cause of their symptoms and develop the appropriate treatment plan.

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