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Terez Owens

Dr. Peyman Gravori with Sugar Ray participates in a Habitat for Humanity event. Covered by top sports gossip website, Terez Owens.

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The Levity Ball

The Levity Ball feature/ interview: Brothers In Life And Medicine: Dr. & Dr. Gravori

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The Blast

Dr.Gravori on the popular entertainment website THE BLAST!

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Photos of Dr. Peyman Gravori at a halloween bash at the Jackson Family home pop up on

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Born Realist

The popular website Born Realist features successful, popular and notable people around the world.
Dr. & Dr. Gravori of ProMedSPINE are featured together.

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Host Cyrus Webb welcomes Dr. Peyman Gravori of ProMed Spine to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss his approach to helping patients, how it feels to give back and the responsibility of the patient when it comes to their health.

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Mag Cloud

November 2017 issue of FRESH Magazine ( US & Canada)

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It's a Glam Thing

January 2018
Living Pain Free and Glamorous with Dr. Peyman Gravori. Featured on It's a Glam Thing (out of Hollywood).

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Tim Allen Knows How to Take a Photo!

Tim Allen shows Dr. Peyman and Dr. Todd Gravori how to look their best in photographs at Elton John's Annual Academy Awards charity gala.

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Dr. Todd and Dr. Peyman Gravori pose with Elton John at Academy Awards Party

STAR Magazine, Ok! Magazine and Radar Online Feature Dr. Peyman and Dr. Todd Gravori with Elton John

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The Quarterly Daily Q & A With Dr. Todd Gravori

“We Literally Take Care Of People From Head To Toe:” A TDQ Q&A With Dr. Todd Gravori

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Dr. Muri Raifu stops by #ConversationsLIVE

Host Cyrus Webb welcomes Dr. Muri Raifu to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss his turning a goal into a reality and what it's been like to help people along the way.

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Ladies, Here's your Chance to Score a Date with Dr. Peyman Gravori

The 4th Annual Babes For Boobs Charity event scouts have hand-picked a super dreamy group of bachelors who are ready to take you on a romantic dinner date. Bid for your date with Dr. Peyman Gravori on June 7th!

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Dr. Raifu in FRESH Magazine

Dr. Raifu is Featured in FRESH Magazine's Summer Edition.

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Dr. Peyman Gravori at Matt Leinart Foundation Charity Event

Dr. Peyman Gravori attends the 12th Annual Matt Leinart Celebrity Bowl at Lucky Strike in Hollywood, CA. on July 12th, 2018

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