Treatment for Low Back Pain

Living with chronic and unbearable back pain can seriously reduce your quality of life. Many people want the right treatment for their symptoms, but don’t know where to start. At ProMed SPINE in Los Angeles, our board-certified spine surgeons are committed to accurately diagnosing patients and providing the most ideal treatment recommendation in order to alleviate lower back pain.

What is the Best Treatment for Low Back Pain?

The best treatment depends on the root cause. What many don’t realize is that back pain is a symptom of a larger medical condition or problem. The underlying cause must be discovered so that the patient can receive the best treatment. Unfortunately, many patients are misdiagnosed and receive treatments that do not alleviate their back pain. Our renowned neurosurgeons take pride in providing each patient with a thorough consultation and exam so that the cause can be accurately determined.

Once your back surgeon has provided you with the correct diagnosis, he will recommend the best techniques to treat the back pain. Some patients will improve over time using non-surgical treatment options such as medication, rest, lifestyle changes, injections, and other advanced pain management techniques. We can perform back pain surgery, however this is only done when absolutely necessary and as a last resort when other treatment options have failed. As spine surgery experts, the team at ProMed SPINE are highly trained and skilled in a wide variety of spine surgery procedures and will perform the surgery required in order to restore the patient’s quality of life.

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