Worse After Back Surgery?

Why do you hear so many people say “I was worse after back surgery (or even a few back surgeries)”? Let me be the first to tell you that YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT RUSH INTO SURGERY UNLESS IT IS URGENTLY NEEDED. Medicine is an art. That’s why there are good doctors and better doctors. There are many issues to consider when you hear negative things about back surgery:

  1. The people who had back surgery and are doing well simply get on with their lives. In other words, they don’t spend their time and effort advertising it as much as someone who is, unfortunately, still in pain. Here at ProMedSPINE, we have thousands of thank you letters and testimonial videos from patients who are feeling great after spine surgery.
  2. People may have had the wrong surgery to begin with. Simply put, someone thought their pain was coming from their back/neck or another specific part of their body, underwent surgery, and it turned out not to be the right treatment area for their particular pain.
  3. Back surgery was not necessary to begin with. Non-surgical therapies always need to be attempted before resorting to spine surgery. Damaging what may have healed on its own, or with non-invasive measures, can cause further problems.
  4. Too much surgery. It is important that patients get just the right amount of treatment for their particular condition. Surgery has risks. The more complicated surgeries obviously have higher risks. If you don’t absolutely need a fusion, for example, you should not have it.
  5. Some people have on-going back problems that would get worse with or without surgery. Unfortunately, some people struggle with degenerative conditions that are going to progress no matter the treatment.
  6. Patients recover differently. Some patients are very careful and compliant with all instructions after back surgery. These patients have the best chance of an uncomplicated and successful back surgery recovery. Some, however, can essentially destroy the good results that they would have experienced by not following post-op recovery instructions carefully and doing what is necessary to heal properly.
  7. Complications can occur. With any medical treatment, complications can arise. This is a fact. Even when doctors do everything right, there are things that can happen during or after surgery that are simply unpredictable. We all consent our patients and make them informed of all the possible complications of surgery and unforeseeable events. When the unfortunate complications happen, the results are less than perfect. It is important to understand that risks of surgery are part of the package.

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If you are concerned or nervous about surgery, it is to be expected. In fact, I tell our patients that I would be worried if they did not feel nervous, afraid, or concerned about undergoing back surgery. The best strategy, in my opinion, is to be realistic and educated about your decision as best as you can, and make sure you are evaluated adequately by an experienced spine surgeon. If you are experiencing back pain and think you may need spine surgery or you need a second opinion about a diagnosis, contact our office at 888-75-SPINE.

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