What You Need To Know About Artificial Disc Replacement

Chronic back and neck pain affect a large percentage of adults, and is often caused by a condition called degenerative disc disease. In the past, the standard treatment for degenerative disc disease was spinal fusion, which, while effective, has drawbacks such as limited spinal flexibility and potential for degeneration of the discs above and below the fused vertebrae. Artificial disc replacement in Los Angeles at ProMedSPINE is a revolutionary advance in technology which allows for increased spinal flexibility and stability.

What is an artificial disc?

Artificial discs are a safe, technologically advanced means of replacing worn out spinal discs. Over the past decades, the design of artificial discs has vastly improved, leading to strong, safe, and durable discs. Artificial discs are made of metal endplates which can be affixed to the vertebrae, with a polyethylene or rubber interior which can mimic the cushioning abilities of real spinal discs and allows for full range of spinal motion.

Artificial discs can last for up to fifty years, and they can be monitored easily through X-ray imaging. Artificial discs are built to support and withstand day to day activities, and since they are made of the same type of substances as knee and hip replacements, they don’t cause irritation in the body.

Artificial disc replacement in Los Angeles

Dr. Gravori is a leading spinal surgeon specializing in minimally invasive spine surgery. He performs artificial disc replacement in Los Angeles at ProMedSPINE after thorough consultations with his patients. Artificial disc replacement surgery is performed by first removing the damaged disc, then inserting the artificial disc into the space left. The metal endplates are affixed to the surrounding vertebrae, and over time bone will grow over them, providing additional stability.

Artificial disc replacement surgery can be performed on the neck and the lower back region of the spine. Because it mimics the structure and properties of real spinal discs, it can provide the stability and flexibility of real discs as well. Much less recovery time is needed after artificial disc replacement than with spinal fusion, and there are fewer risks of complications.

Who is a good candidate for artificial disc replacement surgery?

Expert Los Angeles spine surgeon Dr. Gravori provides top-level care and the most advanced surgical techniques for his patients. He is committed to providing the best treatment for you personally, and will always have a consultation to make sure that you are a good candidate for artificial disc replacement surgery. Ideal candidates will have disc degeneration, not be overweight, and not have any bony protrusions or spinal deformities.

Schedule a consultation for artificial disc replacement in Los Angeles!

If you are experiencing back or neck pain which may be due to a degenerating spinal disc, you may benefit from artificial disc replacement. Contact Dr. Gravori at ProMedSPINE to schedule a consultation and see if you are a candidate for artificial disc replacement. To find out more information about spinal surgery options and to make your appointment, call 888.75.SPINE.

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