Recover Faster With Endoscopic Spine Surgery in Valencia

One of the most prevalent myths about spine surgery is that the recovery process is long and painful. This may have been true in the past, but spine surgeons now have access to advanced technology that can greatly speed recovery time and reduce the pain associated with the recovery procedure. Dr. Todd Gravori is an expert spine surgeon who utilizes the latest technology and minimally invasive procedures to ensure that his patients have the most comfortable experience possible.

What is Endoscopic Spine Surgery?

Endoscopic spine surgery in Valencia is a minimally invasive procedure which utilizes a small endoscope inserted through a tiny incision, which allows the surgeon to see inside the body and use nerve monitoring technology as well as computerized navigation to avoid cutting muscle and soft tissue. A lot of the pain from traditional open-back surgery comes from the fact that the back needed to be cut open with a large incision and the muscles and tissue needed to be cut through to get to the spine. With endoscopic spine surgery, these problems are solved and the pain following the procedure is cut in half.

Reduced Post-Operative Pain and Complications

Since endoscopic spine surgery allows for the separation instead of cutting of muscles, post-operative pain is significantly less than that of open-back surgery. As the area treated is much smaller, there is much less risk of infection and complications following the surgery, plus the scar is much smaller. Typically, the incision needed to perform endoscopic spine surgery is around the size of a dime. This scar is barely noticeable following recovery and won’t stop you from donning a bathing suit and going to the beach!

Endoscopic spine surgeries performed by an experienced doctor such as Dr. Gravori have a high success rate due to a number of factors. A surgeon with Dr. Gravori’s experience and expertise will be able to accurately diagnose the underlying root cause of your back or neck pain and prescribe treatment accordingly. This significantly reduces the chance of surgery not taking care of the problem or making it worse. Dr. Gravori always recommends the most conservative and minimally invasive treatments possible, and takes great care to ensure that patients don’t receive unnecessary treatments.

Reduced Recovery Time

Unlike traditional open back surgery, endoscopic spine surgery in Valencia results in minimal recovery time. Often, patients are able to return home and start walking and performing light activities the very day of the surgery! The amount of time needed for recovery will depend on the type of surgery that was performed; more complex surgeries may require more recovery time. During your consultation with Dr. Gravori, he will thoroughly explain what you can expect from your procedure.

Minimally invasive spine surgery can be the answer to the chronic back and neck pain for many people. Patients who have had endoscopic spine surgery in Valencia performed often report an improved quality of life, free from the pain that has interfered with their daily life.

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