Debunking Common Spine Surgery Myths

The prospect of undergoing any surgical procedure can be scary. Unfortunately, there are many untrue myths about spine surgery that make patients more fearful than they need to be. While it is important to get a second opinion from a board-certified spine surgeon if your doctor recommends spine surgery for your chronic back pain or spine condition, sometimes spine surgery truly is the necessary choice. Patients should not avoid spine surgery for the wrong reasons when it could truly improve their quality of life. When facing the decision to undergo spine surgery, it is important that patients have all the right facts and are not misinformed by false myths. At ProMedSPINE in Beverly Hills, expert spine surgeon Dr. Gravori is committed to helping his patients understand the truth about spine surgery so that they can make the best decision for their health and wellbeing.

What are the Most Common Myths about Spine Surgery?

There are four common myths about spine surgery that Dr. Gravori hears most frequently.

  • Myth #1: Spine surgery requires months of recovery in bed.  (NOT TRUE!)
  • Myth #2: Spine surgery will cause you to be in even more pain. (NOT TRUE!)
  • Myth #3: Most people who have spine surgery will need another surgery soon after. (NOT TRUE!)
  • Myth #4: If you have spine surgery, you will never be able to walk again. (NOT TRUE!)

None of these myths about spine surgery are true and they are all easily debunked by board-certified spine and neurosurgeon Dr. Gravori.

The Truth about Spine Surgery

The myths about spine surgery still exist based on outdated information about different procedures available and a vocal minority of people who unfortunately have had bad experiences. With modern advancements in technology and techniques, Dr. Gravori performs minimally invasive spine surgery that requires only tiny incisions, less bleeding, minimal scarring, and quicker recovery time. Using minimally invasive techniques greatly reduces the risk of any complications. The truth is that many patients are able to return home the same day as their surgery!

It is crucial that patients receive an accurate diagnosis and try non-surgical treatment options before undergoing surgery. Unfortunately, some patients receive unnecessary surgery that does not address the root problem and that leads to negative experiences. When patients receive the right diagnosis and the right surgery, their quality of life is greatly improved and they can live free of pain.

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Patients can trust that when Dr. Gravori recommends spine surgery, he is only doing so as a last resort when it is absolutely necessary and all other treatments have failed. Dr. Gravori is committed to making sure each patient is fully informed about spine surgery before they make their decision. For more information about the best treatment options for spine conditions, call ProMedSPINE at 888-75-SPINE to schedule a consultation with spine surgery specialist Dr. Gravori today!